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At True Hearts, it is about the moving image and being creative. For you are the central characters in a real life event. Whether your interpretation of a wedding video is storytelling, cinematic, film, movie or documentary, we want to capture it for you.

So, what do we capture? The fashion on the day, the flowers and the cake, the rings and the adventure for the married couple and their friends and family. Not least is the emotion for both of you.

True Hearts work to the highest standard in TV and Film and continue to do so. Live events for us, are live on national, international TV networks and numerous webcasts.  Capturing a wedding is the same as its live and unique. We can live stream your wedding as well.

Your wedding is a live event and you don’t have another chance to film it. Selecting a professional wedding video company such as True Hearts will capture all the elements of your wedding day.

Our unobtrusive video presence is important because it allows for more personal approach. Ours is a perfect combination of the creative mind, modern equipment and editing software.

True Hearts Home Wexford Ireland Videography
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All of our packages include professional cameras and cameramen that will capture different angles of the wedding ceremony and achieve the best quality possible. Also our professional audio equipment will ensure that quality sound is recorded.

We can arrange an online platform for your wedding journey and also provide video trailers, video invitations and video thank you’s. We can also accommodate user generated content into your videos.

True Hearts enjoys working with people and know that you will enjoy having us make your wedding video.

We travel everywhere in Ireland so if its Wexford, Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway or elsewhere, allow our attention to detail to provide a record of your wedding day